What we do for sellers...

If you are looking to sell a home or property you an trust Real Estate Consultants Of Nevada ~ Frank Gargano Properties  - we are full service agents and offer a complete list of services including:

  1. Pricing your home - we understand the Nevada and Las Vegas market and will conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which becomes the basis for establishing a price.  Our goal is to get you the highest price for your home without driving away potential buyers by overpricing it.
  2. We'll help to dress up your home to achieve the highest curb appeal. We will also provide advice on decluttering and reorganizing your furniture to make your home look as spacious and inviting as possible.
  3. When it comes to marketing your house to potential buyers we'll pull out all the stops - creating marketing materials, ads, internet advertising, interactive online tours, drone videos and much more.  We'll have plenty of showings to potential buyers.
  4. Many sellers don't realize how important it is to market your house through other real estate agents.  This can be the most important market for your home and we know the Nevada real estate community well.
  5. We will represent you through each step in selling your home, price negotiations, handling counter offer, contingency issues and bring you to final closing.

We provide the widest range of seller services. No one knows Las Vegas Real Estate like we do. 

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