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It’s my pleasure to give you an overview of the basic steps in buying your first home, or next home. It’s an exciting journey that goes smoothly when you’re armed with good information and an experienced guide. Here is a brief recap of what’s involved, as well as a glossary of important terms you’ll probably be hearing more about as you begin your search for a home. Once again, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or to get started looking at houses.


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  • Find an experienced Agent
  • Ask friends and family for referrals/references
  • Do some online research
  • Set up a meeting with a REALTOR®
  • Ask lots of questions about the process
  • Find out how you will communicate with each other
  • Before you meet with your agent, come up with your “wish list”: How many bedrooms, what kind of yard, location, move-in ready or fixer-upper? *Complete our First Time Home Buyer Wish List worksheet.


  • Start by getting an idea of how much of a monthly payment you can handle by using online mortgage calculators.
  • Begin the mortgage pre-approval process by contacting a mortgage broker or retail lender (bank or online mortgage source)….I can help you with that.
  • Understand that mortgage pre-approval isn’t a 100% guarantee your loan will go through—ask your mortgage provider what types of issues could arise.
  • Consider your options based on your own personal situation:
    • Conventional (fixed rate mortgage in 15-, 20- or 30-year term)
    • Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) with a fluctuating interest rate tied to the U.S. Treasury   Securities Index
    • FHA Loan is a federally backed mortgage that requires only 3.5% down and can help those with less-than-stellar credit
    • VA Loan features attractive rates and flexible terms for active military or veterans
    • In-House Financing is offered typically by developers on new-construction homes
  • Apply for pre-approval knowing it can help you be a more attractive buyer to the seller and speed up the closing process


  • Keeping your wish list in mind, discuss your options with your REALTOR® and determine which items are MUST HAVES vs. NICE-TO-HAVES *Take the First Time Home Buyer Wish List worksheet and discuss with your REALTOR®.
  • Begin familiarizing yourself with neighborhoods and listings.
  • When looking at listings online, be sure to review all the photos, virtual tours and video, if any
  • Visit open houses and indicate to the selling agent that you have a REALTOR®
  • Review the “comps” your agent provides to see what has recently sold in your price range in the neighborhoods you are interested in
  • Be flexible and try to see beyond things like paint colors
  • Prepare for a little back and forth when we make an offer
  • Strive to make a 3-20% down payment as part of the offer ($6,000-40,000 on a $200,000 home)
  • Be prepared to submit an earnest money deposit (usually $2,000 on up)
  • Expect approximately 30-60 days from the time offer is accepted until closing
  • Before closing, there are several tasks your REALTOR® will help you through: appraisal, Home Owners Assoc., securing homeowner’s insurance, home inspection, etc.
  • Closing Day: Exchange of property. Financing must be in order, title/deed is transferred, lots of papers to sign



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Frank Gargano

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We have a unique perspective on buying a home...

You will benefit from our 30+ years experience in providing services to Las Vegas Nevada buyers.  Whatever you are looking for in a home - and whether you are first-time home buyer or a seasoned home buying veteran - we'll help you meet your goals.

Some of the things we do...

  1. Help in locating good sources of mortgage loans, in negotiating the terms of loans, and working with your lender.
  2. Mapping of active, under contract, and sold properties that meet your search criteria, to help you understand of all the neighborhoods where you could buy a home, how quickly homes in those neighborhoods sell.
  3. Help you through the standard offer form.
  4. Help you analyze price and value and work through a negotiating strategy. We can always provide perspective, since we've been through this thousands of times and understand the Nevada real estate market.
  5. Recommend local inspectors and types of inspections and tests.
  6. Assist in interpreting inspection results and negotiating inspection issues.
  7. Assist in understanding documents like HOA finances and title commitments, making sure you get all the right documents, and pushing for additional information and documents when info and experience demand it.
  8. Assist in coordinating communications between the lender and title company and seller and buyer so that everything is properly prepared for closing.
  9. Guide you through the closing process and closing documents.
  10. Help you get moved in.

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